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Portfolio Reviews at Tutormill
Tutormill offers one-on-one portfolios reviews for students of illustration. This is a personal review, conducted via SKYPE, and looking at images that you upload right here at the TutorMill site.
Portfolio Reviews at Tutormill
Portfolio reviews are conducted here at the site via Skype. You'll need a Skype account in order to do this.

The price is $100.00(US), for 45 minutes with the teacher of your choice.

You'll be able to upload 12 images from your portfolio.

During the sign-up we require a deposit of $10.00 (US). After that, you'll be asked to choose an illustrator to conduct your portfolio review, and also select a time and date. Your time and date will be looked at by the person conducting your review, and either approved or returned to you with a different time-date request. Once you have both settled on an agreed upon time and date, you'll be required to pay the balance of $90.00, before uploading your 12 portfolio images. If for any reason you and your selected reviewer can not agree to a mutually satisfactory time and date, your deposit of $10.00 will be refunded to you.

register for a portfolio review
To start a portfolio review, please log in to your TutorMill account. If you do not have an account here and want to sign up for a portfolio review, you can create one right here.
Portfolio Review Registration
Teachers for Portfolio Reviews
You will be able to select one of the following illustrators as your portfolio review instructor:

Monika Aichele
Julia Breckenreid
Nigel Buchanan
Marc Burckhardt
Chris Buzelli
Greg Clarke
Fernanda Cohen
David Cowles
Henrik Drescher
John Dykes
Nathan Fox
Marcellus Hall
Federico Jordan
Donald Kilpatrick
Chris Lyons
Chris Lyons
Alex Murawski
Roberto Parada
Edel Rodriguez
Steven Salerno
Ellen Weinstein
James Yang