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Portfolio Reviews at Tutormill
posted: May 23, 2011
The guys in the backroom have been working on a new Tutormill feature that is finally ready for prime time here at the site. Tutormill now offers Portolio Reviews!

How it works....
First off, we ask for a $10 deposit, just to make sure you're serious. You'll send that in via PayPal.

You select a reviewer from the excellent list of illustrators and request a date and time. Once the two of you have agreed on a time and date (we have a nice little system in there for you two to work that out), we'll ask for the balance of $90. After that, you'll upload 12 images to a portfolio. These images are pretty big (up to 1400 pixels wide).

Once the time and date arrive we'll send you some email reminders to make sure you haven't forgotten. Then, you'll log in here at Tutormill and at the same time, you'll open your SKYPE account. Yes, you need a Skype account to do this!

Within your Tutormill Portfolio Review area, you'll see a button for calling the reviewer's SKYPE address. Once you two connect via Skype and start talking, you'll be looking here at Tutormill as the reviewer goes through your portfolio.

You'll be seeing exactly what the reviewer is looking at in real time. If the reviewer zooms in to a detail of one of your images, you'll see what they are looking at and talking about with you. As the reviewer advances through your images, you'll be looking at what they are looking at and talking about.

The entire review takes 45 minutes. By the end, we hope you've learned a lot and are inspired to go out and take on the world!

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Gary Taxali May 23, 2011
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