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Kathryn Adams
Kathryn Adams studied art at OCA (now OCAD) before moving to the illustration program at Sheridan College to complete her studies. She then spent a year studying calligraphy and heraldry in England before returning to Canada in 1986 to begin her freelance career. Kathryn has continued her freelance illustration work to the present time.

As a freelancer, Kathryn has been a prolific and award-winning illustrator. She has worked for clients in the United States, Canada and Europe. Because of the versatility of her illustration style, she has worked on diverse projects including advertising, books, magazines, packaging, murals and logos. Humourous subject matter is her particular favourite.

Kathryn began teaching at Sheridan College in 2001, quickly specializing in teaching professional business practices. She began teaching a similar course at OCAD in 2005. In addition to teaching business to illustrators, Kathryn also teaches an entrepreneurial techniques course at OCAD and has taught illustration courses at both schools as well. Kathryn was recently nominated by Sheridan students as an entrant for TVO's 'Best Lecturer' competition.
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