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Felix Sockwell
Felix is an avid futboler and ornery Texan who honed his skill as a promotional and advertising art director before moving from TX to San Francisco in early 1997, later co-founding B.I.G., Ogilvy’s Brand Integration Group in NYC. In 1999 Sockwell forged his own practise, concentrating soley on the art and science of identity design and illustration. He frequents NY to party down with Mr Fuchs but digs Maplewood, NJ, wife and 2 beautiful girls, Brooke and Natalie.

"Savvy, clever and opinionated.” — Lanny Somese for Novum

“More powerful than Landor.” — Steve of The Daily Heller

“The Master” — Logolounge

“A passionate visionary… Matthew McConaughey-esque” —Matters

“Unflappable” — Media Bistro’s Unbeige

holds record in PRINT and Communication Arts for most awards in category of identity design in the United States (most accepted entries in one year in PRDA and over period of 10 years in CA).

“I’ve known Felix since he left college. I’ve never known anyone who was quite as driven and unafraid to take chances, to go “all in” where no one else would. Dallas couldn’t contain him and he was determined to be great, no matter what. And I believe he is. His quest for success was an amazing journey and he plied that same energy into his marriage and responsibilities as a father. From Dallas to San Francisco to New York (he is) a maverick designer… (and) still one of us- a home boy.” — Phil Hollenbeck, DSVC
The Power of The Idea (3 weeks)
Visual Metaphors (3 weeks)
Editorial Print (3 weeks)
Editorial Print (6 weeks)
Information Graphics (6 weeks)