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Alex Murawski
OK, I graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1970 with a degree in printmaking. At that time courses in illustration and design were not offered. Too commercial, don't you know. What I got from my education was an understanding of the need to protect your personal creative spark. While I didn't learn how to make a living... I did learn to respect art and the creative process that brings it to life. Most importantly I learned to draw, and over time to came to recognize the power of this basic skill in creating effective communication.

Since 1972 I have worked as a freelance illustrator for a surprisingly large number of generous clients creating images that, like life, combine the strange and the beautiful in unexpected combinations. These efforts have occasionally been recognized by the Society of Illustators in NY and LA, NY and LA Art Director’s Clubs, Communcation Arts, Print, Graphis, AIGA, Society of Typographic Arts, Society of Publication Designers, The One Show, Clio Awards, Creativity, European Illustration.....

In 1992 I started teaching drawing and illustration at the University of Georgia, where I am today. And almost everything in this field has changed. It's a digital world now, and all the business models that shaped my career have changed as well. What has not changed is the importance of personal insight into the events of the day and the artist's ability to effectively communicate that insight through our work. Whether you are talking about film, print, or the internet the problem is the same. Our audiences' appetite for visual imagery is the same; our innate appreciation of the human touch in images, whether drawn, sculpted, or realized on the computer is the same. That's why this business is still exciting, and that's what I try to share with my students.

Album Art (3 weeks)
Album Art (6 weeks)
The Power of The Idea (3 weeks)
Visual Metaphors (3 weeks)
Editorial Print (3 weeks)
The New York Times Op Ed (3 weeks)
Caricature (3 weeks)
Realistic Portraits (3 weeks)