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Tutormill offers serious students of illustration an online mentoring program with two illustration instructors of your choice. When you purchase a class at Tutormill, you are purchasing a live online interaction between yourself and the two professionals you choose as your mentors.

Tutormill is an enhancement, not a replacement for formal education. We do not give marks or credentials. Our goal is to compliment one's education by delivering an informative, unique and professionally rewarding experience. We believe that formal education is invaluable and with that in mind, our mentorship courses can provide students opportunities for complementing their studies.

Portfolio Reviews, which consist of one-on-one online video conferences, are an an excellent way for students and emerging artists to get professional feedback. The student selects an illustrator from our available list and a 45 minute video conference appointment is booked. Students may upload up to 12 illustrations for each session. Reviews are conducted via Skype.
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Gérard Dubois
Gérard DuBois was born in France in 1968. He studied graphic design in Paris for five years. After his graduation, in 1989, he crossed the Atlantic to live in Montréal, Canada. Since he has worked as a freelance illustrator. His work has appeared in major north american publications, among them The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Time, Newsweek, GQ, Rolling...